Out and about with Oog and friends

Over the last few months, we have had the opportunity to get out and about and have fun with some of the amazing children and young people we work for. From lunch at Parliament House, kicking the footy at AFL Max, to getting messy with paint at the Nunga Oog art workshops, here are some of our favourite photos.

Lunch at Parliament House

In March, Guardian for Children and Young People, Penny Wright, held a lunch at Parliament House with a group of CREATE’s youth consultants and other young people in care who had helped our office over the last few years. The young people were treated to a three-course meal and a tour of Parliament House by former MLC, Mark Parnell. A trusted source told Penny that the young people ‘had a ball’ and enjoyed being treated just for who they were (without having to provide their views on anything!) The conversation flowed, they enjoyed some very special food and one young person even had three hot chocolates! Thanks to the wonderful staff at Parliament House who were so accommodating to their special guests.

CF&KC Family Fun Event at AFL Max

Oog delighted more than 180 fans at Connecting Foster and Kindship Carers’ AFL Max family event last month, showing off some slick dance moves and expert footy skills. It was great to see the smiling faces of many young people. It seems everyone wants to hug Oog, including older kids (and even some of the ‘dignitaries’!)

Would you like Oog to attend one of your events? Contact us at gcyp@gcyp.sa.gov.au to find out how.

Nunga Oog art workshops

After another round of art workshops with young people and Aboriginal artist David Booth, Nunga Oog is coming to life! We’re so excited to watch colours and designs being added to the canvases by the young people themselves.

Our Nunga Oog workshops are heading further afield to regional areas over the next six months. If you know of any Aboriginal young people aged 10-18 years in care who would like to be part of creating Nunga Oog, then please get in touch with Conrad at conrad.morris@sa.gov.au.

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