The impact and experience of moving while in care – a review of the literature

moving in care logoThe story of a child in care will include at least one move from birth family to carer family, and usually subsequent moves.  Of the 2,546 children in out-of-home care in South Australia at 30 June 2012, almost one in every five children had had between six and ten placement moves and another one in seven had had more than ten placement moves.

As the number of young people in care has grown, researchers and practitioners have wondered how it must feel for children to be removed from their birth family and ‘adopted’ by another, or several others, in turn.  The literature has much to tell about the likely impact, and something to say about how children view these events.

The The impact and experience of moving while in care literature review conducted as part of the Guardian’s inquiry, is now available in PDF.  It summarises international and national research and opinion about stability in care, the impact on children and children’s views.

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The report of the inquiry, which brings together the voice of children, case file evidence and public consultation, will be published later in 2013.

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