On the Road Again

In recent weeks, the Guardian for Children and Young People, Shona Reid has been travelling regionally to connect with children and young people in care, carers, and service providers across the north of South Australia.

“Having grown up in country areas for most of my childhood and primarily in the north of SA, I am very committed to ensuring that my oversight for children in care and detention settings is inclusive, and accurately reflects the challenges and benefits of living and growing in regional areas,” Shona said.

With fluoro puff painting, Nunga Oog hide and seek, plenty of food tasting and a cup of marshmallows (with a little bit of milo), the time with our gracious hosts at Aboriginal Family Support Services was well spent. The opportunity to connect with children and young people provides us with great insight into their experiences, and enables us to hear about what makes their time in care happy – and also what makes their time in care a challenge.

“Understanding what works and what doesn’t work about a child’s experiences in care are equally important for both individual and system advocacy. Especially when this narrative is driven and explained from the lived experience of children themselves.” said Shona