IPS has bags of goodies for children entering emergency care

The IPS team’s Bruno Rocca and Robert Griffin take delivery of the first batch of bags for children entering emergency care from Nicole Pilkington and Lisa Pham from the Guardian’s Office.

6 March, 2017

‘When Bruno Rocca approached the Guardian’s Office a few months ago the Intensive Placement Services team were already providing Oogs and some other of the Guardian’s materials to the children coming into emergency care,’ said Charter of Rights Coordinator Nicole Pilkington.

‘He was looking for a way to streamline the process to make sure that all children received materials that were suitable to their age and Aboriginality while keeping it simple and practical for the members of the busy IPS team.

‘We devised three seprate packs for teenagers, pre-teens and Aboriginal children and arranged with Bruno to have them assembled and delivered to the IPS team offices.

‘We hope this is only the start.  There are already ideas to replace the bags with something more durable and useful like backpacks and to supplement the contents with other useful items like writing and drawing materials and colouring-in books.

‘It has been great to work with the IPS.  Perhaps in the future, other groups may want to make up their own customised packs that add value and usefulness to the Guardian’s materials for the children in their care,’ she said.

Full details of the materials available to organisations that have endorsed the Charter of Rights for distribution to children in state care are available on the Requesting materials page of the Guardian’s website.

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