Australian Children’s Commissioners And Guardians’ May 2016 Meeting

The Australian Children’s Commissioners and Guardians’ (ACCG) met in Brisbane on 25 and 26 May 2016.

The ACCG comprises national, state and territory children and young people commissioners, guardians and advocates.

The ACCG promotes and protects the safety, wellbeing and rights of children and young people in Australia. It strives to ensure the best interests of children and young people are considered in public policy and program development across Australia.

The ACCG welcomed Julia Duffy, Public Guardian, Office of the Public Guardian, Queensland and Simon Schrapel, Chair, Council of the Care for Children, South Australia as new members of the ACCG. It also welcomed newly appointed representatives Liana Buchanan (Victoria), Tammy Williams (Queensland), Amanda Shaw (South Australia) and Jodie Griffiths-Cook (Australian Capital Territory).

The ACCG Communique from the May 2016 meeting is available for download.

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