Open letter from the outgoing Guardian

picture of Guardian Pam Simmons

Dear colleagues

I am at the end of my second term as Guardian.  I write to say farewell and to convey my thanks to you for the contribution you make to promoting and supporting the interests and rights of children and young people, and for your support to me in this role.

It has been a great privilege to hold this position for two terms. I have benefited from the knowledge and experience of so many people over the past decade. My admiration is huge for the people who care for children, the workers who go the extra mile, the people in power who make things happen because they can, and mostly the children and young people who have such generosity and wisdom and share it with us.

I am delighted to say that Amanda Shaw has accepted the role of Guardian for the next 12 months and she brings to the role immense knowledge, skill and experience.  Many of you have met Amanda in her role as Senior Advocate. I know she will have great cooperation, the same extraordinary team to work with, and the same marvellous opportunities to meet inspiring children.

I have been and am reassured that within the child protection system there are many skilled people looking out for the best interests of children. I wish you all the best.

Kind regards


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