What’s been done – June to August 2015

The video of young Aboriginal people talking about the significance of culture to them, especially when they are separated from their family, was launched at the Guardian’s community discussion about Aboriginal children in care held recently in Murray Bridge.  It is now available as Aboriginal Young People Speak on YouTube.

The discussion in Murray Bridge was part of the Office’s ongoing program of listening to Aboriginal organisations and people about how the child protection system can better connect Aboriginal children in care with their family and community.(See the letter from the Guardian on p 2.)

Also released in this quarter was an updated infographic on Aboriginal children in state care.

The 2014 consultation with children on the topic of respect resulted in a booklet which is now available from our website’s online ordering page.

The Charter of Rights for Children and Young People in Care is being reviewed.  A small number of children have provided their views on the content, design and promotion of the Charter in workshops in Adelaide, Mt Barker and Pt Augusta.  Meetings with other stakeholders are planned in August.  The revised version of the Charter is due to be endorsed by young people later in 2015 and a new suite of communications products will be developed with the assistance of young people and released in 2016.

Two agencies have recently received their certificates for endorsement of the Charter of Rights:  Inclusive Directions in June (pictured) and Re-engage Youth Services in August.

Jodie learns handballConsultation continues on the Model Charter of Rights for Children and Young People detained in Youth Justice Facilities.  Workshops with young people will be held in October, but in the meantime, 127 staff and service providers have joined in the discussion about the charter and shared views about its implementation.

In the 2014-15 year there were 129 requests for intervention about children under guardianship, involving 171 children.  The Senior Advocate audited 203 annual reviews for children under long-term orders and the Advocates made 34 official visits to residential or youth justice facilities.  There will be more detail in the reports on monitoring of residential care to be released later in the year and the Guardian’s 2014-15 Annual Report to be published in October.

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We acknowledge and respect Aboriginal People as the traditional owners
and custodians of the land we live and work on, their living culture and their unique role in the life of South Australia.