Young people from CREATE talk to adults about respectful relationships

picture of Oog with sign saying respectSix young people from CREATE in Adelaide were joined by two in a phone link-up from Whyalla to discuss the topic of respect.  This was the second in a series of six consultations that the Guardian’s Office will do with young people across the state during 2014.

The group was asked as part of the consultation to develop a ‘tips sheet’ for professionals or social workers.  What should they consider when working with young people?

Ask young people their view

They get you to talk but it’s still what they want therefore, take young people’s views into account in a meaningful way.

Be clear from the outset about what decisions the young person can make and what decisions will be made by others.

Talk about what has been written down in notes or minutes and why.

Ask my permission to take notes in meetings.

Offer for young people to write their own notes to add to their file, from their perspective.

Remember we are still people not a file.

We don’t choose them’ (social workers) but it would be good if we could get properly matched to the right worker, including gender preferences.

Get to know us’ not just reading the file.

Young people want to get to know their social worker.

Know my interests…who we are.

Spend time with the young person.  Case notes and logging in diaries takes time away from spending time with you.

Make sure you enjoy your job because if you do not, that comes across.

More communication always helps to build relationships.

Listen to me everyday, what I have to say

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