Finding out what young people have to say – in a different way

RESPECT artworkStarting January 2014, the Guardian’s Office will be actively reaching out to a broader range of young people.  The Guardian will be partnering with organisations to speak with young people from different ages, locations and cultural backgrounds.

Muggy’s (Salvation Army), Time for Kids, Metropolitan Aboriginal Youth and Family Services, Key Assets, and Create Foundation will all be contributing their expertise to outreach workshops in a new way of hearing from children and young people.  The format will vary according to the wishes of organisations and their young people but the linking theme will be respect.

‘Respect is a term and concept widely used by young people and in media and in education,’ said Guardian Pam Simmons.

“Discussing how young people are respected by adults and by their peers and how they respect other adults and other young people will tell us much about their world and help shape our practice and advocacy,’ she said.

The Office will publish minor reports on each of the consultations and a major report when all are completed.

You can find out more about the underpinning  policy and strategy on the Youth participation policy and strategy page.

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