The impact and experience of moving while in care

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The Guardian’s Inquiry into the Impact and Experience of Moving While in Care sought children’s views about the impact of changing their care placement and what would make it a better experience.  The Inquiry also sought the views of people who most influence placement moves and looked at case records to see what happens when those decisions are made.  It commenced in September 2012 and concluded in June 2013, followed by discussion with the South Australian child protection authority.

Some lessons from the Inquiry are captured in the words of three young people in a nine minute video.

Inquiry Report – the impact and experience of moving while in care is on this website.

Summary of Recommendations from the moving in care report is a short document containing just the Report’s recommendation and some contextual notes.

Practice Takeaways from the inquiry into children’s experience of moving in care combines themes and quotes from children with comments from adults to draw out the practical implications of the Report.

The Moving in care inquiry literature review and bibliography presents an analysis of what the academic literature has to say about the experience and impact of children moving in care and has a substantial bibliography.

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