What’s been done – June to August 2013

A 10 minute training video about advocating for children has been released, with accompanying written material. The response has been very positive with several organisations already incorporating it into their professional development programs.

picture of Oog scribble padsAn OOG colouring-in notepad and a set of coloured crayons for younger children have been added to the being in care range.  Soon to be added is the third comic book, this one about negotiating for what you want.  Twenty children and young people have contributed to the story and the images.  Thank you to the Create Foundation in SA, the Mount Barker office of Families SA, the Second Story Youth Health Service (Noarlunga Nungaz group) and Red Cross (SA) Youth Advisors for helping us with the nine workshops.

There are now 58 agencies which have successfully completed the endorsement process for the Charter of Rights.  The latest to receive their certificate was EBL Disability Services.

picture of Amber and the CARA team cutting an Oog cake
The ranks of the Charter Champions are swelling and there are now over 200. The 200th Charter Champion Amber Viscione was recognised at a ceremony at CARA’s Glen Osmond office at the end of July. The ceremony was a way to acknowledge not only Amber but all of the Champions who look out for the interests of the young people in their care.


In the April to June quarter the Office of the Guardian received 26 requests for intervention on behalf of 34 children, audited 32 annual reviews and visited ten residential or juvenile justice units.

The report on the inquiry on the impact and experience of children moving while in care is in its final draft form and expected to be released next month.

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