Office of the Guardian’s Monitoring Framework

The Office of the Guardian’s Monitoring Framework is the basis of our monitoring and intervention.  It is derived from the Charter of Rights and contains 12 statements which encompass our aspirations for children and young people in care.

  1. This child lives in a kind and nurturing environment.
  2. This child is safe and feels safe.
  3. This child is loved.
  4. This child is receiving appropriate shelter, clothing and nourishment.
  5. This child is cared for in a placement that is stable and secure.
  6. This child has a secure personal space to which she/he can withdraw and where personal things are kept safe.
  7. This child has contact with family, friends, and cultural community that provide emotional support and identity.
  8. This child has access to health and disability services that meets his/her needs.
  9. This child is getting an education suited to her/his needs and the opportunity for artistic, cultural and sporting development.
  10. This child understands to the full extent of his/her capacity why he/she is in his/her current circumstances.
  11. This child has knowledge of and participates in decisions that affect him/her.
  12. This child has regular contact with the same case worker who is skilled, knowledgeable, respectful and advocates energetically in the child’s best interests.

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We acknowledge and respect Aboriginal People as the traditional owners
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