New disability flashcards available to order

We are pleased to share our updated Charter of Rights for Children and Young People in Care Flashcards are now available to order!

Our fun and interactive flashcards are an excellent tool for children and young people who have disability or additional support needs to learn about their rights. Used together with parents, carers, educators and other professionals, the flashcards have been created to explore the Charter in a conversational way, enabling children and young people to be actively involved in their learning.

“Having these resources is an excellent way for children and young people of all ages and abilities to explore their rights. It is vital for children, regardless of their needs and abilities, to know about their rights and be made aware of how they should be treated and what to expect while in care,” Shona Reid, Guardian for Children and Young People said.

“Working alongside the flashcards, the children and young people can explore each right with an adult or support worker and voice their thoughts and feelings through the process. By knowing their rights will help give them the confidence to stand up and advocate for themselves.” 

“We know some children and young people need more support in understanding their circumstances, and these flashcards provide a great starting point to begin these conversations,” Shona said. 

The flashcards are available in two sets (Set A and Set B). While both sets cover the first eight rights in the Charter, the images and activities depicted in Set A are tailored towards younger children, while Set B depicts images and activities that are tailored towards young people with greater independence and contains additional cards about the ninth right in the Charter (support for leaving care).

Each card also includes helpful hints for starting the conversation and adapting the learning to meet the needs of each child or young person. The cards can also be taken anywhere so you can make the most of those times when waiting in the car, sitting around the kitchen table in anticipation for dinner, or during lesson time at school. 

To order the flashcards, head to our Resources web page. Not an endorsing organisation? Find out how you can endorse the Charter and get access to our free resources.

A special thanks to the children and young people who contributed to the development of the cards in 2011, and to the amazing illustrator, Madeleine Karutz, who refreshed the flashcards for us.


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