Introducing our new advocates

We are pleased to welcome three new advocates to our team. The new team members come from varied backgrounds, and we know that their extensive and diverse experience will be of great benefit to our office and to the children and young people who call us in need of support and advocacy.

We sat down with the advocates as they shared what inspires them to work with children and young people and what they are looking forward to most in their roles.

Ashleigh Weston

After completing qualifications in social work and psychology, Ashleigh worked within non-government for 10 years, in a program strongly committed to ensuring all young people successfully transitioned from care at 18 years. She then worked at the Department of Child Protection as a Senior Youth Worker in residential care, before going to the Care Concern Management Unit as Senior Care Concern Officer. Ashleigh is passionate about finding the best solutions for children and young people so that they feel confident, independent and enthusiastic about their future.

Ashleigh is inspired to work in a child-focussed organisation that puts the child’s voice forward and ensures their rights are being met and is looking forward to meeting new young people, understanding their experiences, helping them to explore and find the best solution to their questions.

Ashleigh’s friends and family would describe her as ‘humorous, reliable and fun’. 

When Ashleigh is not working, you will often find her at the gym ‘pumping iron’ or walking the Linear Trail. 

“I also have a passion for travel, food and shopping – if I can do this all at the same time, I am in my element! My next stop will be Perth to visit my sister and then Europe for my honeymoon later in the year,” Ashleigh said.

Danielle Court

Danielle (or otherwise known as Dani) has a background in law, previously working as a Children’s Representative in the Youth Court, advocating for the best interests of children who are subject to care and protection proceedings. Dani thrives on advocating for children’s rights and in giving a voice to vulnerable children and young people and believes that every child should be afforded the opportunity to reach their full potential. 

Dani is passionate about advocating for children’s rights and in giving a voice to children and young people as it is important that they understand that they matter. She also believes that every child should have the ability and right to reach their full potential so that they can develop into a contributing member of society.

Dani said in her new role as an advocate with our office, she is most looking forward to working with, supporting and advocating for the rights of vulnerable children to give them a voice and also being part of a collegiate team environment.

‘Passionate, hard-working and friendly’ are the three words that Danielle’s friends and family would describe her.

Danielle likes to spend as much time as possible with her son and also enjoys going to the gym, reading, walking her dog Arlo and socialising with family and friends over good food and wine.

Pip Smith

With a background in child protection and humanitarian assistance, Pip has spent the last 9 years working in the international child protection sector in conflict zones and countries in crises, mainly in the Middle East and Asia regions. Working mostly with children in detention and alternative care arrangements in refugee and displaced persons camps, Pip believes in the importance of supporting children to access and understand their rights and agency in the decision-making process. 

“I feel privileged to amplify the voices of children and young people in care, and to support them as they navigate their care arrangement situations and decisions for their future,” Pip said. 

“I’m looking forward working with children directly and understanding the best ways to elevate their voices and helping them to find the most sustainable solutions in their best interests.”

Pip’s friends and family would describe her as ‘enthusiastic, humorous and a dog-lover’.

When not working, Pip likes spending time with her family and friends after living overseas for such a long time. She loves exploring all the great things Adelaide has to offer – hikes (with her dog), beaches, cafes and brunch places. 


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