New Charter of Rights endorsing tool

Endorsing the Charter of Rights for Children and Young People in Care is now more straightforward and efficient with the introduction of the Guardian’s Office online Charter endorsing tool.

Organisations looking to endorse can enter the tool and browse around to find out what endorsement is all about.  They can leave and come back as they wish and finally proceed all the way to the end by applying for endorsement.

Applicants will be able to enter information more conveniently and make changes more easily than with the old paper application method.  We have also added a couple of additional information fields to allow us to work better with endorsed agencies and updated it to take account of the important role of volunteers in some organisations.

The endorsement tool is part of a completely rewritten and redesigned set of Charter information pages which were launched with the endorsement tool for 2013.

Charter Coordinator Meagan Klapperich is available, as before, to provide advice, group presentations and to help with applicants’ questions at every stage.

The changes were prompted by the increase in the rate of endorsements that saw six new agencies endorse in the latter part of 2012.

Read the latest Charter news via our Twitter feed.

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