Preventing sexual abuse

This information paper is about the sexual abuse of children in care and ways in which it can be prevented.   We provide information for policy makers, professionals, carers, journalists and the public and suggest some ways forward.

In the first section we examine some of the themes emerging from the literature.  In the second we canvass some of the changes that have occurred in child protection in the recent past and look at the child protection system as it operates today.  While there is much in this paper that can be usefully applied to the prevention of other forms of abuse and to the avoidance of abuse of children in the wider population, it is primarily about the prevention of sexual abuse of children and young people in care.

The information paper is based on a longer written submission to a South Australian Commission of Inquiry into the previous sexual abuse of children while in state care.

Responsibility for the contents of the paper rests with the Guardian for Children and Young People.

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