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We need to put our money and our smarts where our mouths are

Last month, the Guardian for Children and Young People, Shona Reid, published a new report about child protection expenditure in South Australia. The report takes an in-depth look at not only where money is being spent, but what this means for the lives and wellbeing of children and young people.

On the Road Again

In recent weeks, the Guardian for Children and Young People, Shona Reid has been travelling regionally to connect with children and young people in care, carers, and service providers across the north of South Australia.

Providing a life-line for our children

As we reflect on the theme of NAIDOC Week, ‘For our Elders’, we look to our parents, aunties, uncles, nannas and grandfathers. Our Elders are more than just family members, they are the survivors, they are leaders and they are changemakers. Elders guide and teach us, they are holders of cultural traditions, language and knowledge, story tellers and tireless advocates for children and young people, families and communities – this goes beyond just their immediate family circles. They are there for us always and forever.

Reflecting on National Sorry Day

Today we commemorate an event very close to my heart, National Sorry Day. As an Eastern Arrernte woman, as a mother, and as Guardian for Children and Young People, it means a lot to have the opportunity to share my reflections on the origins of this day and how our nation can learn from the past, to create better futures for First Nations children and young people.

Care leaver’s new book encourages children to speak up and share their feelings

In our role as advocates and helping to project the voices of children and young in care, we are often privileged to build long lasting, respectful connections with the young people we work alongside. Felicity Graham is an amazing woman who we have the absolutely honour of having such a relationship with.

A little sunshine on an otherwise cloudy day

As a mother of seven and a fierce protector of my children – some I have given birth to, others I have not – there is nothing I would not do for them. I was reminded of this when my 8-year-old son handed me a card for Mother’s Day, thanking me for all that I do for him. At the same time, at the pit of my stomach my thoughts went immediately to the children and young people who are without their own mothers.

Introducing our new advocates

We are pleased to welcome three new advocates to our team. The new team members come from varied backgrounds, and we know that their extensive and diverse experience will be of great benefit to our office and to the children and young people who call us in need of support and advocacy.

Farewell and Thanks to Cathy Taylor

Working in child safety and wellbeing is one of the most rewarding, and simultaneously challenging, sectors within government and the broader community. So it is important to acknowledge and say thank you for the contribution of outgoing child protection CEO, Cathy Taylor.

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