Postcards from home

While our team are all working from home we are still here to talk to children and young people living in care and detention, especially in this time of uncertainty and self-isolation.

Here is our team in action!

Penny – I love hearing the birdsong through the window.


Merike – Snack time, anytime, with ease of access (nothing ‘fishy’ about this!).


Conrad – Although COVID-19 has its restrictions we can still have a yarn over the phone to listen to you and see how we can help you.


Leila – I really appreciate the commute from my bedroom to my new office (all 10 metres of it).


Sarah – No commute and the tea is always hot.


Jess – Writing reports from home is much better with homemade honey crackles! Please note the reality: my neighbours out the back are cranking Hilltop Hoods, and there’s tradies banging around out the front. I’m trying to drown all of it out with my classical music, but they’re winning.


Mardy (and Pookie) – WFH means having a really helpful assistant.


Courtney (and Gus) – Learning new and fun ways to connect with people, eating lots of snacks and sometimes I borrow my sister’s dog to keep me company.


Alan – My productivity has increased immensely now that I am freed from the pressure of remembering how to tie my shoelaces in the morning.


Mel (and Taffy) – Working at home means I can deliver professionalism in a Wonder Woman onesie all day long! And my little canine helper makes the job quicker! And what’s not to love about the fact that I can watch half an hour of trashy tv during my lunch break???


Bianca – Enjoying my treetop view (and windows that open). Plus, my lunch time walks sure beat pounding the pavement in the CBD.


Belinda – And the dogs around the world celebrate us working from home!

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