Aboriginal children and young people in care and detention

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2 Responses

  1. This was very enlightening. I knew there was an issue but I didn’t know to what proportion and how severe it was.

  2. Numbers too high
    We need to look at and strengthen family and family connection
    Empower young Aboriginal people by tracing family lines – lots are unaware of their family lines
    Empower Elders to move to the forefront – to embed culture , pride and strengthen spirituality etc.
    We all need to know where we come from – who is who – for positive change and growth as individuals and communities
    Encourage healing and moving forward by acknowledging the past – learning to look into a positive future with options for growth – opportunity.
    Listen better to their needs ,not what we think they need
    Kids don’t think they fit in , sometimes to both white and Ab culture
    See no future – live vicariously through their Elders/ family hurt , disadvantage and cultural loss , this builds resentment -creating risky behaviors ,lack of respect earned and given, criminal behaviors.
    Empower those who have learnt the hard way to work with those who are now going down the wrong path.

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